Cutting tables

Extraction table systems

Cutting tables play an important role in the economic efficiency of an entire plant. With plasma and flame cutting systems, the customer can select the optimum cutting table according to his needs.

SATOTEC extraction table sytems


The extraction table is divided into different extraction sections This enables the achievement of very high extraction efficiency. Normally, only one suction flap is open. In the overlapping area there are a maximum of 2. pneumatically actuated flaps arranged in the extraction sections.

The slag is collected in removable slag trays equipped with crane eyes. The support table is equipped with removable steel belt or cutting bars. The workpiece support frame includes removable, angled, and replaceable flat iron strips.

Standard elements are offered in widths of 1,600, 2,100 and 2,600 mm and are assembled by SATO in accordance with your needs.

Technical data

Our water table system is suitable for plasma and waterjet cutting systems for above or below water cutting. It offers the advantages of low material distortion and noise reduction. The result is an outstanding cut quality.

Another advantage is the binding of the cutting dust in the water, so that an additional filter system is not required. The integrated water displacement tank enables the water level to be rapidly raised and lowered.

The tables are custom made to your specifications by SATO.

Water table system



Das SATO Schwingförderer Tischkonzept sorgt für eine automatische Austragung der Schlacke während des Schneidprozesses in einen bereit stehenden Sammelbehälter. Somit entfällt ein zeitintensives Reinigen des Tisches.

Unterhalb des Schwingfördertisches sind eine oder mehrere Rinnen angeordnet, die in Vibration versetzt werden und so für den Abtransport der Schlacke bis in den Sammelbehälter sorgen.