With the optional tool changer, you can set the machine up with 4, 6 or 8 tools.


Based on our 20 years of experience in flame cutting, SATO supplies specialized drilling equipment for the processing of sheet metal and steels; from drilling start holes for oxy-fuel flame cutting of thick materials to the processing of sheet metal plates and beams with automatic tool changer.
Our automatic drilling units work with HSK tool holders for internally cooled tools. A depth gauge with pneumatic clamp detects the sheet position and ensures excellent drilling results.

Drill diameter: 6 - 40 mm (depending on tool type at 600 N/mm²)

Double bearing ball screw 25 mm and linear guides

Max. Feed force: 3,500 N to 14,000 N

Spindle speed: max. 10 - 6,000 rpm

Spindle motor power: 2 - 10 kW